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The Pure Joy Project was founded from our passion to provide a supportive space for people to heal their body, mind and soul.  After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, our Naturopath Carly (Adv. Dip. Naturopathy) went on her own journey to health, discovering that ultimately health begins from the inside out, and is at its most optimal when our physical, mental, and emotional bodies are in balance.

Naturopathy is founded on the principles of holism and vitality, recognizing that all body systems are connected and work as one to maintain a state of homeostasis. Our bodies have many intelligent mechanisms that constantly adjust systemic function in response to environmental changes. When these mechanisms become overwhelmed imbalance occurs leading to sub-optimal health, illness, and finally disease.

Naturopathic practice applies natural therapies to rectify imbalance and support the inherent healing ability of your body.  Sometimes this can be as simple as addressing nutritional deficiencies, using herbs to revitalize and restore organ function, nurturing the nervous system, modulating immune activity to remove pathogens, or making lifestyle changes to reduce emotional and physical stress.  To ensure you get the best results, we place a high importance on clinical evidence and research when developing your treatment plan.

Our primary goal is always prevention, closely followed by finding and addressing the underlying imbalances preventing your optimal health.  As ‘Health Detectives’ we use comprehensive analysis and scientific testing to review how your system is functioning and identify the factors contributing to poor health.

A typical health review will include:

  • Complete health history including review of presenting symptoms.
  • Review of physical metrics (blood pressure, HR, weight, BMI)
  • Analysis of physical signs – tongue, nails, and eyes (iridology).
  • Review of current dietary and lifestyle factors.
  • Review of available blood pathology and / or prior testing.

Additional scientific testing may include:

  • Hair Analysis 500
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Dutch Testing
  • SIBO Breath Testing
  • Allergy & Intolerance Testing
  • MTHFR Genetic Testing.
  • DNA Profiling.
  • Heavy Metal Analysis.
  • Nutritional Status.
  • Pathogen and Infectious Agent Testing.

Carly is an active member of the Complementary Medicine Association.

Book a consultation with Carly today and begin your health journey.