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The Importance of Self Nurturing

We enter life as completely pure beings, there is no past, no future only a series of present moments (the NOW). Every minute of our being is wondrous and brings great joy. As we grow into young children and then adults our sense of joy and wonder associated with life is replaced by conditioned fears, worries, and unhealthy attachments to externalities like money, looks, and material possessions.
None of these things give you lasting happiness or a sense of pure joy, in fact they cause us grief, pain, and a sense of never being satisfied.
The pure being we were at birth is still within us, it is called your INNER CHILD. When we are caught up in everything outside of ourselves, we forget to nurture our inner child. Imagine seeing a small toddler alone and crying in the street. You would instinctively want to pick that child up, embrace them and comfort them to take away their pain – so why wouldn’t we do the same for our own self! it’s so important that we all take time out to nurture our inner child.
Visualize yourself as a small toddler and ask your adult self what you would do to make that child you feel happy, safe, and nurtured. How would you let that child know you love them? Take action to attend to those needs, it might be something as showing more compassion for yourself, being in nature, learning something new, or having a good laugh in the company of friends. Love who you are – every last bit! 
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